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What is Natural wine ? 

       Natural wine is the result of a philosophical choice aimed at regaining the natural expression of the terroir. It is made from grapes processed in organic agriculture, without herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or other synthetic products. Harvest is done manually and during winemaking, the winemaker tries to keep the living character of the wine. Technical interventions which may affect the bacterial life of wine are prohibited, as well as any addition of chemicals, with the exception, if necessary, of a small amounts of sulphites.


Drinking a natural wine for the first time is a shock, an experience where even the wisest ones can be surpised. When you look at your glass, you see that the wine is cloudy ?

It’s because natural wine are not filtered or glued. And it is what brings all the character of those wines.


Natural wine is not only organic; it is not even biodynamic. Natural wine is more demanding, it goes beyond this: no industrial methods, minimal intervention by the winemaker, zero additions. No sugar, no acid, no tannins, no wood chips…
The natural wine worshippers will surely tell you that wine is alive, and it is not uncommon to see a natural wine change, evolve according to the periods of the month.

As we told you, Natural wines are alive.





     In biodynamic viticultur, winemakers do not hesitate to rely on the lunar calendar to cultivate the vine. It is the lunar and planetary rhythms that will dictate the work of the winemaker. Moreover, the tasks can't be mechanized. This is why the draught horse reappears in many vineyards. One other strong principle of biodynamie is to strengthen the immune system of the vine and to bandage wounds with preparations based on camomile, nettle or silica.

Biodynamic wine

Pleine lune
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